Title: Design Of Rice Destoner
Blog Entry: Rice is well known and is considered to be short, narrow white or brown grains grown on wetlands as food in hot countries. The plant that produces this grain is called a grain of rice. Rice Destoner (LIANGGONG) has the ability to remove stones in two separate stages, ensuring the production of no stone. The length is 6.25-6.99 mm, the width is 2.10-2.87 mm, the thickness is 1.74-2.00 mm, the rice is separated from the small stone (sand) on the screen, the sieve hole is 2.10 mm, and then the 2 mm cylindrical groove is separated on the separation cylinder. The depth is 2 mm and the width is 6.3 rpm, while the prime mover is rated at 0.5 hp and the speed is 24 rpm. In addition, a two-stage de-stone process is used to realize a rice stone remover that will effectively remove rice, on a screen having a hole of 2.10 mm, thereby removing small stones (sand) and also groove width at the groove of the cylinder 2 mm and 2 mm wide ensure a perfect stone removal. The design of the rice picker was successfully carried out. The machine can effectively separate rice from stone according to physical properties based on size differences. Click Paddy Cleaner to learn about more information.