Title: Want to sell a mattress, the appearance is very important
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Blog Entry: MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 0 2 DocumentNotSpecified 7.8 磅 Normal 0 Whether you call them “mattress fabrics” or just plain “ticking,” the textiles used to upholster mattresses and foundations are a vital part of the marketing—and the comfort and performance—of today’s bed sets. In the home, ticking will be covered with bed linens, but it’s what attracts the consumer’s eye at retail.Similarly, consumers will pay attention to the appearance of the mattress, so the appearance of jacquard mattress fabric  is very timely. Fabrics chosen for each mattress model tell a story on the sales floor, suppliers say. They provide visual cues to a bed’s price point in relation to other models in a collection. Ticking also can tell a story of luxury or “naturalness” or, increasingly, functional benefits such as aromatherapy and temperature regulation. In many markets, damask mattress fabric has ceded the floor to circular knits. And with knits, it’s easy to stitch in words like “cashmere,” “organic cotton” or “natural,” allowing the bed to speak directly to consumers.   While innerspring beds remain mostly white, consumers who purchase nontraditional bedding like latex and visco–elastic want it to look different, says Adam Lava, vice president of sales for A. Lava & Son, a cover, quilt and mattress kit supplier based in Chicago. “We’ve moved away from that ‘block of yellow cheese look,’ ” Lava says. “Consumers want to look at their expensive new mattress and see beauty. These beds look more like upholstered furniture.” “I had an executive in the perfume industry once tell me that the box is the most important thing about selling perfume. And that one damaged box in a display ruins everything—you’ll sell nothing. I think it’s the same with mattresses, to some extent. As much care needs to be taken with the outside of the bed as with the inside,” says Camilla Franklin, vice president of global sourcing and design for Blumenthal Print Works, which is based in New Orleans. If you want to know more, click here: double jacquard mattress fabric .