Title: Move three international jacquard designs into your home
Tags: Double knit jacquard
Blog Entry: Double knit jacquard ,a style of weaving in which the pattern is woven into the weave instead of being printed and dyed, jacquard features a richness of colour and texture. The epitome of glamour, opulence, and chic sophistication, jacquard honours the past in a big way. Incorporate jacquard into your décor, and you’ll love how the patterns woven into the material lend an impression of royal refinement and grace dating back centuries. Are you looking to entertain and spend quality time indoors this winter? Use this opulent fabric for draperies and upholstery. Want to block out noise and extreme temperatures in your space? Be sure to use this fabric front and centre, for the tight weave of a jacquard fabric lends it an insulating quality. What’s more, jacquards are very durable, and do not wear out or fade easily, making them the perfect choice for performance upholstery and draperies in a family room or den. So are you looking to incorporate the unusual and highly individualistic look of jacquard prints into your space? We bring you the top 3 international jacquard designs that can lend everything from an understated elegance to an opulent charm to your décor this season. If you want to know more,click here: Functional Fabrics . Website: