Title: Teach you to avoid low price counterfeit mattress products
Tags: knitted mattress fabric
Blog Entry: A mattress is a product that can be used to make people's sleep more comfortable. People basically use the mattress every day. Many users have a good sleep and the fabric of the mattress is very close. It is for this reason that everyone needs to be more careful when choosing the mattress fabric, because the mattress itself is also a durable product. A good fabric can make the mattress last longer. Today we will be in the article. The information about mattress fabrics is specifically introduced. Look at the quality of the knitted mattress fabric from the product logo: genuine mattress, the product is marked with: registered trademark, manufacturing company name, factory address, certificate of conformity and credit card. On the contrary, it may be a counterfeit product with a low price. Judging the quality of the knitted mattress fabric from the work of the fabric: high-quality mattress fabric, uniform tension, no obvious wrinkles, jumpers; when pressing the mattress, no friction, and feel comfortable. On the contrary, it is a poor quality product. Buy cotton mattresses to guard against "black heart cotton": black heart cotton, refers to inferior cotton, does not meet the national standard, sleep on the mattress, it will cause damage to health. Look at the health and environmental protection certification: the fabric and the cushion are applied to the human body, such as inferior materials, releasing harmful gases, and long-term contact with the human body may cause discomfort. The quality of the mattress can refer to the national standard, and the imported brand can refer to whether it is certified by the EU “Safe Choice”. Knitted mattress fabric maintenance tips. Flip regularly. In the first year of use, every two or three months are reversed, left and right, and the force is averaged. Good quality sheets, not only absorb sweat, but also keep the cloth clean. keep clean. Clean the mattress regularly and do not wash it directly with water. Also don't smoke in bed. Do not sit on the 4 corners of the bed for a long time, it is easy to damage the spring. Do not jump on the bed to avoid damage to the spring. When using, remove the bag to prevent the mattress from getting wet. Do not expose the mattress to excessive exposure. For more information on mattresses, click here: woven mattress fabric . Website: