Title: What Is The Ideal Location Of Otse China Passenger Elevator
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Blog Entry: Typical China Passenger Elevator cab sizing for a standard guest elevator is 6’8” by 5’5”. However, minimum sizes will vary by the franchise as part of their brand standard requirements. Some projects will also require a stretcher elevator. What is the right capacity? Typical hotel elevators have a capacity of 3,000–4,000 pounds. Many of the major hotel brands have minimum capacity requirements as part of their brand standards. What is the ideal location? The distance of the elevator lobby to any room should not exceed 150 feet. The higher the brand classification, the lower this number should be in order to maintain guest expectations. Hoteliers should typically provide a minimum of one service elevator. For smaller projects, it is often permitted to share a guest elevator with a service elevator by utilizing dual front and rear opening doors. Service elevators should open directly to back-of-house areas with Keyed access to service housekeeping and laundry services. Please note that these cab types necessitate a slightly wider than normal elevator shaft.