Title: Villa Elevator Shaft Location And Space Setting
Tags: Villa Elevator
Blog Entry: For a villa of three or higher floors, a home elevator is no better. This is both atmospheric and physical, and looks beautiful. So the question is, how can we rationally design a villa elevator? The hoistway position space determines the elevator space and the door opening size. It is a good idea to install an Villa Elevator   in the middle of the stairs and combine it with the stairs. Usually pay attention to three aspects: the middle of the stairs, the corners of the wall, and the external plugging. It is better to do not block the passage. The width of the hoistway is reversed by the width of the opening door, and the height of the car is reversed by the height of the top layer. The load capacity is recommended for 3-4 people, 400KG, and the size of the car is 0.8 to 1.2 square meters.  The choice and determination of the style and style should mainly consider the hoistway environment and personal preferences, and then consider the cost and difficulty level. Generally speaking, the closed hoistway should be closed to the car, and the sightseeing hoistway should be equipped with a sightseeing car. That is, what kind of style is suitable for the hoistway. Of course, some can choose three-sided sightseeing or partial sightseeing style, and choose the most comfortable way. Functional and safety measures In daily life, we often notice that the users of home elevators generally lack the expertise of elevators. There is no special elevator to use the service personnel, but the safety cannot be reduced. Therefore, even though it is a household elevator, it is best to understand its functions according to the passenger ladder standard. Take precautions against some security measures. Generally speaking, there are two types of door opening methods, automatic door and manual door, but all must have an organic electric chain function to prevent the door from being opened when the door is opened and the Villa Elevator   is not in use. 2-storey home elevators generally have no hoistway and no door, but must have measures to prevent shear collision safety. Install a light curtain to prevent the risk of friction and crushing. The villa elevator has a manual swing door design. If the car does not have a door, a light curtain door must be installed to ensure the risk of preventing friction from colliding. It is equipped with a power-off emergency leveling function and device as standard. However, this function is used when an abnormal state such as maintenance is required.