Title: Villa Elevator Elevator Manufacturing Specifications
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Blog Entry: The Villa Elevator is actually a home elevator, which is different from an ordinary passenger elevator. Ordinary passenger elevator applications are very wide, from public buildings to small homes and other public places, while home elevators are generally only used in private villas, or a single home. The rated load of household elevators is not required to exceed 400KG, while the ordinary elevators range from 500-5000KG. The speed of ordinary passenger elevators ranges from 0.25m/s 0.5m/s ordinary elevators to 10m/Sr high-speed elevators. Very wide, and the home elevator can not exceed 0.4m / s. Ordinary elevators are in accordance with GB7588 "Safety Code for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation", which is a national standard requirement. Manufacturers must manufacture and install them in strict accordance with this clause. Household elevators refer to GB/T 21739 2008 "Safety Specifications for Home Elevator Manufacturing and Installation". "Before, this is a recommended type and does not need to be enforced. Therefore, from the aspect of supervision, the ordinary elevator belongs to the special equipment in the national regulations, and must be legally inspected, and the household elevator does not have this requirement, and it can be decided by itself like the ordinary household electrical appliance. Household elevators have been popular in private villas in recent years, so they are generally used by small household elevators for 2-5 people. At present, such small household elevators are popular in Europe and other countries, and the size is flexible. Fully take into account the use of domestic space, civil construction requirements, and the utilization of wells.