Title: Inline Closure Durable Stretched And Bent Cable
Blog Entry: Inline Closure Durable Stretched And Bent Cable Inline Closure model. Provides 12 to 60 fiber optic antennas and underground fiber optic cables and up to 120 fiber optic protections designed for quick installation and use, saving time and increasing the use of rubber sealing tape between the bolt covers. Using this closure is a direct joint, a branch joint and a butt joint feature - Made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), resistant to sunlight (UV) and acid-base climatic conditions, resistant to vibration, durable tensile and bent cables. - Easy to install (clip lock) - Easily open and close the lid without special tools. - Design a clip lock mounted on the lid for ease of use and fall during operation. - Prepare accessories, easy to install and reduce installation time. - The cable can be freely and easily installed using a clamp-locked fiber optic cable to keep it tidy. - Suspension clamp stainless steel SUB 304 and cable holder are disconnected for quick and easy installation. Antenna and air can be used to mount the rod. - Designed front cover, space with company name or painted or painted stripe logo permanently attached to the plastic. - The splice tray and lid are made of polycarbonate or white ABS. The information about Inline Closure :