Title: What kind of watch knowledge is not always known to people wearing watches?
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Blog Entry: Watches are actually a science. This kind of learning is actually very interesting. However, it requires a lot of effort. So what kind of watch knowledge do people who don't know watches(replicawatches)usually wear? The small edition summarizes several points: 1. How to quickly distinguish quartz and mechanical watches Observe the movement of the second hand on the dial: If there is a second hand, it is obvious that the quartz watch is beating every second, while the second hand of the mechanical watch is beating continuously, and seems to be sliding slowly on the dial. Of course, there are exceptions. For example, the Geophysical Observatory of Jack Lecott is the real second. The mechanical meter has a second tire stop mechanism, which makes it move in the same way as the quartz meter. 2. Can an automatic mechanical watch be wound by hand? The manual winding of the automatic winding meter does not affect the automatic winding. After all, automatic winding itself is an additional mechanism. The wearer decides whether to hold the chain with his hand first according to the intensity of his activity, and then stores the power completely through automatic winding. For the stopped automatic top chord table, you must manually top the chord several times until the pointer begins to move. This is to make the spring rapidly enter the state of uniform release force. After all, the watch stopped because there was no electricity. It is not always possible to achieve quick results by automatic winding. Three. What is the "stainless steel" of the box? The so-called "stainless steel" is commonly known as high-precision steel specially smelted, which is not available in academia and engineering. Stainless steel used in case, strap and crown generally refers to 316L steel, which belongs to common austenitic stainless steel. It has strong corrosion resistance and good texture, and will not cause adverse effects on human skin. 904L steel is a super heat-resistant stainless steel alloy containing chromium and nickel. Its corrosion resistance is similar to that of precious metals, and its manufacturing cost is much higher than 316L steel. At present, only Rolex's extensive and systematic materials are used to make watchcase, bracelet and crown. 4. Manual winding, how many turns does the crown have to turn to fill? Generally speaking, the power reserve is a 48-hour watch, and the number of coils is in the range of 20 to 30 laps. Other energy storage can basically be calculated in this proportion, but not absolutely. When the crown turns to a number close to the upper limit, pay attention to the feeling in your hand. If you feel a little tight and the crown is not as smooth as it used to be, you can stop. In short, for the life of a watch, don't go 100% every time. It's better to leave some space. Self-produced sports are good, self-produced sports are the best! The advantage of brand watch independent movement is that it can control the quality of products, and then promote the brand to create a "high" image. Many people's consumption concept, spend so much money must buy more advanced cattle homemade movement. But in fact, self-created sports are definitely not equal to a good sport. Good sport development, design and production take time to precipitate and accumulate experience. It is not a short time to rely on funds to enter the equipment, which can be completed by senior watchmaker. Even the inaccuracy of one micron may affect the movement of the watch. (Native sports are like the Rolex and Omega campaigns that started around 40,000) The cost of ETA is 1000 yuan, which is shared by large companies. It has been safe for decades. In fact, homegrown sports need to mature gradually in terms of production and time. 6. Why does a watch with luminous function turn yellow after a long time? Generally speaking, watches with more than ten years of scenery will be yellow in scale, especially for glowing watches. According to statistics, the average time of this phenomenon is 12.5 years, which means that night light is aging and gradually losing its luminous effect. This phenomenon appears on many antique watches. Finally, for this type of knowledge, I recommend you visit, and welcome you to speak freely and leave your footprints behind.~