Title: Torchlight 2 was so fun
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Blog Entry: Torchlight Frontiers 1 was pretty fun and relaxing. Felt a little like Diablo 1. Torchlight Frontiers two was alot longer, more polished, felt bigger and heavier nearly like D2, however for some reason was boring and dull (mostly because barely anyone played it so everything you needed to perform solo). If Torchlight Frontiers 3 will be like D3 and Buy Torchlight Frontiers Gold , then it'll be their tombstone made from lead, so that they won't have the ability to grow ever again. Nearly all of H'n'S games have exactly the exact same problem for me. There is too small of hack and even less of slash. What should be the waves of dinosaurs turns out to be only very few of these all being much too easy to kill, or rather mow down. Second issue is insufficient character customization (im considering un, D3 bullcrap of a crappy game). If you're disconnected of building your character how you want, or are allowed to respec on each whim, or your own recpec's mean nothing to start with, you lose the will to perform . That what happens when you give characters most powerfull abilities early game, or make those abilities"level up on their particular". Or when your skill tree is a joke.I so wish I knew how to enter game-making/developing enterprise. And will there be more customization? Seeing the 2 class using the exact same skill over and over again can get boring real fast. Hopefully it gets heavier than Torchlight Frontiers 2. Since PoE is top the diversity of construct nowadays, they need to get on par or better than that. Love the overall looks, praying that they decelop something unique for this franchise. I need it to be great but that ability pub is stressing. Torchlight 2 was so fun because you had so many spells and you'd these fun ability rotations but with just 6 slots including the mouse buttons it seems underwhelming. Being a sort of MMO I was hoping we'd get more charms to manage not less. Perhaps more support spells, more things such as taunt, more charms which place up for a combo with other classes. I believe they need to just be passives or they ought to be a set bonus benefit since this can easily push out any other weapon. We are going to see, I really do expect Torchlight Frontiers provides, I will be honest, I had interest in Torchlight 1&2, I didn't play it since it was not an MMO, however since this is a complete MMO, I do actually desire Torchlight Frontiers would be with lots of features, finger crossed.Honestly, the two areas I felt torchlight 2 fell short in has been addressed in Torchlight Frontiers... First one being how clunky their online felt... and the second one , they released it and proceeded on... This they intend to keep updating. I just think that it's ideal to wait and watch, most games don't have flawless releases... but they could make up to this later down the line. Best to wait and see. More Torchlight Frontiers products all in