Title: Fiber Closure Has Two Access Ports
Blog Entry: Fiber Closure Has Two Access Ports Among the well-known Fiber Closure manufacturers, Green Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. can provide you with a custom fiber optic connector clsoure. For external plant joint closures, there are two main types: horizontal joint closure and vertical joint closure. 1) Horizontal fiber optic connector box Horizontal fiber splice closures are similar to flat or cylindrical housings. It typically contains one or more fiber splice trays that provide space and protection for fiber splices. Fiber splice trays for different fiber splice closures can have different designs and fiber counts. It has two input ports and two output ports to provide space for 96 fiber connectors. There are four standard 24-fiber splice trays in the fiber splice closure. The horizontal fiber splice closure is designed to be waterproof and dustproof. They have good adaptability and pressure resistance because they are usually made of high strength structural plastics. Horizontal optical closures are more commonly used than vertical fiber closures. 2) Vertical type fiber optic connector box Vertical fiber optic splice closures look like domes, so they are also known as domes. They use the same specifications as the horizontal type. They are designed for buried applications. application ● Wall mounted installation. ● Rod mounting. ● Aerial lifting. ●Applicable to Huawei pre-connected branch cables with reinforced connectors.