Title: Is The Elevator In The Elevator Unsafe?
Tags: Villa Elevator
Blog Entry: The villa owner sometimes has some misunderstandings about the Villa Elevator . It is considered that the elevator is out of order and the elevator is unsafe. In fact, some small elevators in the home are normal. 1 The elevator suddenly drops to the lowest level and resumes normal operation: the elevator level is re-determined after the elevator is powered off. 2 Elevator to the first floor stop the ladder to open the door: The elevator fire-proof landing function is triggered by the smoke sensitive or thermal sensor in the building. 3 The elevator does not close the door or repeatedly open and close the door: there are debris at the door or sill to block the light curtain or the door touch panel. 4 Full load elevator does not stop: After the elevator car is full, in order to avoid overload, it will no longer respond to the outside call of the next station. Most of the elevator accidents seen by many residents are still caused by the public passenger elevator. Is it often seen that someone knocks on the door, kicks the door, hits the door, repeatedly presses the door button, lifts the door over time, etc., transports the garbage, throws debris, or carries heavy objects such as furniture and building materials, hits the elevator, and forcibly overloads Squeeze in and press all floor buttons... In fact, these are dangerous "red lights" behavior. Our own elevators and public passenger elevators need to be cared for, so that he can serve us safely.