Title: The Man Who Sold The World
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Blog Entry: I only had this weird mental train of association between Nirvana into The Man Who Sold The World, northdale gold wow which many believe is first to Bowie, to #nochanges, to Changes. Oh well.If you would like to play US players and you also liked the personal server encounter so much, why don't you play on private servers (assuming that you don't)? I've been enjoying on Kronos III a little, and there are some changes that I discovered, unless my memory of vanilla is off. Line of sight, for example. Or talent unlearning expenses. But it comes really close to what I recall. Based on how Blizzard implement WoW Classic, personal servers may well be closer to the"real thing". I wouldn't call people out for playing a PVE server and enjoying on a PVE server, because some people like playing the AH and collecting herbs will permit those kind of people that the luxury. Like having the option to turn on/off pvp having PvP servers will possess the complaining of these pver and find these QOL adjustments. Hell let there be RP servers too... let those people today roll play with one another. That's what created WoW Classic so great... the capability to do what you desired. Into what everybody else is doing, not be pigeon holed. Until I saw you phoning pve players pussies, I respected your response. I play on pve servers myself and a hardcore raider. I do a good deal of pvp battleground myself when I am playing a WoW Classic server that is private. I can tell by your mindset you think you're really trendy for enjoying a pvp server, or something and makes you better Get your head out your ass and quit talking about what other people do... despise seeing negative people just like you. PVE servers are being defended by everything in this post because I have an opinion, and you anger on me? You are the person that must pull on your head. I have a right to an opinion, because that's my opinion just as that I will call folks on RP servers weirdos. Not fact. When I telephone them weirdos, I am not calling the folks on RP servers bad raiders and poor PvPers. Its just my OPINION. No I dont believe I am cool because I play on a pvp server (closed minded of you to think that too), light's hope gold buying and occasionally I do wish I play on pve servers as sometimes I only want to farm my stuff, and not be ganked. Anyways, I really do apologize if my OPINION violated you.