Title: Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share The Requirements For Selecting A Sink
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Blog Entry: Stainless steel has the characteristics of bright color and natural material, which is the mainstream product in household restraint products, and has been deeply loved by consumers. So as an ordinary consumer, if you choose the most cost-effective stainless steel sink is the most concerned. The following Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers introduces you to the main elements of choosing a stainless steel sink. 1. Thickness: The thickness of the steel plate of stainless steel sink is preferably between 0.8–1.2mm. Within this thickness, 304# stainless steel is selected to make the sink have toughness, which can avoid all kinds of porcelain utensils due to impact, etc. Damage. The easiest way is to press the surface of the sink a little bit. If it is pressed, the material is very thin. 2. Thinness: Light and thin thin edges not only make the maximum washing space and minimum size of the sink uniform, but also the water splashing out of the sink can be easily smeared into the sink. 3. Weight: Stainless steel is a kind of iron alloy. The specific gravity of steel is 7.87. Nickel and chromium heavy metals are added inside. The specific gravity of these metals is larger than that of steel, so the weight is relatively heavy. Counterfeit stainless steel, such as steel plate chrome, is lighter. 4. Process: The process of stainless steel sink has welding method and integral molding method. The welding method is divided into two types according to the method. One is the welding of the pot and the panel welded together. The advantage is that the appearance is beautiful. After strict treatment, the welding joint is not easy to be found, and the surface of the sink is straight and smooth. The disadvantage is that some consumers Suspicion of its solidity. In fact, the current welding technology mainly has sub-arc welding and the most advanced numerical control resistance welding, the quality has passed; the other is two single-pot butt welding integrated butt welding, the advantage is that the basin and the panel are integrally formed and stretched. Durable, its shortcoming is easy to see the welding marks, the flatness is slightly worse. 5. Depth: The height of the sink suitable for domestic use is more than 180mm, which has the advantages of large capacity and splash resistance. 6. Surface flatness: It is the most intuitive standard for checking the quality and grade of the sink. The line of sight is consistent with the plane of the sink. The edge of the sink should not protrude, and it will not warp. The error is less than 0.1mm. The flatness is not good, in addition to affecting the appearance, it is also easy to cause water seepage and scale. 7. Silencing treatment: The bottom of the sink generally has a silencing pad or a sound-absorbing coating, which has the function of preventing water leakage and leakage. information about Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers :