Title: Solar Path Light Manufacturers Meets Market-oriented Public Demand
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Blog Entry: In general, the solar path light does not need to be provided with a switch separately, because the controller can well complete the task of switching the street light. Solar path light is generally composed of photovoltaic panel, storage battery, light cap and controller. The controller is at the center of the whole system. The controller has a switching function. The solar path light manufacturers adopt integrated solar path lights mainly to facilitate later maintenance. Because the LED light cap is an electronic component, objectively speaking, it cannot remain unchanged forever, "if there is a problem in maintenance, it can be easily lifted and lowered by using a large ladder or two sets of scaffolds", while it is not so easy for large and tall street lights in cities. The closing mode of the solar path light needs to be set in advance, i.e. it can be set as time control or pure light control. The multi-event time control starts from the lighting of the solar path light and automatically turns off when the timing ends. The disadvantage of this control is that the lights are turned off at different times in the four seasons. Pure light control, its turn-off is based on the output voltage of the photovoltaic panel. When the color of the day lights up gradually, the solar path light will automatically turn off as the output voltage of the photovoltaic panel rises. In order to solve the problem of short service life of solar path lights, better intelligent control technology and more efficient photoelectric conversion efficiency are needed. The intelligent control technology improves the efficiency of electric energy usage, and both play a role in protecting the storage battery. The short service life of the solar path light mainly lies in the improper protection and use of the storage battery, i.e. controlling the deep charging and discharging of the storage battery. The second is to improve the luminous efficiency of the light source. One way is to use more efficient luminous materials, but at present there is little room to improve the energy efficiency of LED street lights. Then it is necessary to reasonably utilize electric energy through control equipment. The use of solar path lights to illuminate is a worthy choice and promotion of energy development direction. This method of power generation can adapt to a wide range and meet the needs of the market. It is more in line with people's demand for electricity and has received widespread trust and attention. Want to know more about it, the low voltage outdoor string lights will answer your questions.