Title: Common pneumatic tools
Tags: China air gun
Blog Entry: air tools  is mainly a tool that uses compressed air to drive a pneumatic motor to output kinetic energy to the outside. Pneumatic tools have the advantages of small and exquisite fuselage, long life, high safety, and more energy-saving features. They are also complete in specifications and specifications. They are also widely used in places where power tools are not convenient for use, such as carpentry, lock making, gas stations, Chemical industry, etc. 1. Wind approved Pneumatic tools for tightening and loosening screw nuts, etc. The use of compressed air to drive screwdrivers is widely used in the manufacturing industry. The outer shell is mostly made of metal, and the feel is slightly worse than the electric one, but the anti-static performance of the metal shell is better. Less consumables, as long as you pay attention to maintenance and refueling, generally only need to change the fan blade within a year. 2. Wind cannon A tool that is both efficient and safe for disassembling and assembling screws. The noise is relatively loud when working, so it is named. The force generated by a large air cannon is equivalent to the strength of two adults using two-meter-long wrenches to tighten the screws. Once the pressure is too large, the screws are easily damaged when the screws are tightened. 3. Pneumatic grinding machine A grinder that provides pneumatic capability to achieve continuous operation of the machine by connecting to a pump, such as China air gun . Pneumatic sander has a variety of shapes and structures, suitable for iron plate, wood, plastic, tire industry surface grinding, ship, automobile, abrasive tools, aviation industry fine polishing, deburring, rust removal, paint removal and other angle operations, It has the advantages of small size, high speed, high grinding efficiency, low noise and small vibration.