Title: The role of spray gun coating
Tags: cordless paint sprayer
Blog Entry: We can use China spray gun  for DIY. Painting cars and house walls is not easy, and requires a series of products, such as varnishes, primers and sprayers. This process is very complicated and involves a lot of skills, which explains why professional car painting work is so expensive, and it seems that DIY is more affordable. First clean the spray gun, because the coating of the spray gun can protect it from corrosion and extend the shelf life. Before putting the paint into the spray gun, please add some solvent to ensure that the inside and outside are clean. Then, before starting to paint, you can practice with used car panels. Hold the spray gun and spray about 15 cm away from the panel by sweeping left and right. Be careful to use the trigger only when moving the spray gun. Mix the primer with the thinner according to the proportions in the instructions to make the primer powdery. Use wet and dry sandpaper to smooth the panel, and then use newspaper or cloth to cover the unwanted areas. Each board should be sprayed with a spray gun for about 10 minutes, and then cured for 20 minutes to an hour. Finally, apply varnish. Before the varnish dries, cordless paint sprayer  remove the masking tape and do not stick the tape or newspaper to the wet paint.