Title: What is the reason why the pneumatic spray gun and automatic spray gun do not produce paint?
Tags: China spray gun
Blog Entry: When using a pneumatic China spray gun . This situation is generally the lower pot spray gun, the upper pot and pressure feed type spray gun will not have this situation. The lower pot spray gun relies on the siphon of the spray gun to supply oil, so this situation occurs when the siphon effect is destroyed. At this time, you first need to observe whether the paint can is tightened or sealed with the spray gun. Then check whether the needle and nozzle have been disassembled, and if necessary, confirm the nozzle tightening again. Finally, there is a spray gun between the wrench and the gun head. There is also a leak here. You can properly tighten the tightening screw to see if oil can be released. If it still fails, you need to replace the pressing kit. For the automatic paint sprayer, when the pressure barrel and diaphragm pump are not used for oil supply, it is basically the same as the above pneumatic spray gun, and it can be detected and eliminated according to the above method. But most automatic spray guns still require diaphragm pumps or pressure drums to supply oil. Therefore, we exclude from the following aspects. First check whether the spray gun has air supply, check whether each pressure regulating valve of the equipment supplies air to the spray gun, if there is no natural spray gun, it will not spray paint. Second, when there is air supply but the air pressure is insufficient, it is impossible to produce oil. You can increase the air pressure or the size of the air storage tank to ensure the normal operation of the spray gun. Finally, when it is determined that there is gas supply, the airless paint sprayer  still has no oil. Check whether the solenoid valve on the control switch can work normally. If it does not work normally, you will find that CLY has not been opened at all, and naturally there will be no oil.