Title: Benefits of using various spraying machines
Tags: airless paint sprayer
Blog Entry: At present, the sprayers on the market are divided into three types, including piston pump sprayers, HVLP sprayers and airless paint sprayer . The first is a piston pump sprayer, which uses high pressure and sprays paint through the tip. This sprayer can quickly deposit large amounts of paint, and can be used with thick latex paints and primers. The second type is the HVLP paint spraying machine, which is a high-capacity and low-pressure paint spraying machine. This paint spraying machine is smoother than the airless paint spraying machine and has higher transmission efficiency. This means that the paint is more efficiently used and will not be wasted too much in air. The third type is the airless sprayer, which is connected to the air compressor  and is very practical for small projects such as shelves, cabinets, and furniture.