Title: Transmitter Selection Of Electric Vehicle Speedomet er
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Blog Entry: Why doesn't electric vehicle speedometer  only use mechanical cable style? Calibration is the answer. To calibrate the cable-type speedometer, the gear transmission in the gearbox must be replaced. Although not difficult, it does require time and trial and error. Integrated: The transmission or pickup area is bolted to a gear usually called a reluctance ring or gear. This type is installed at the factory, if a replacement is required, factory parts are required. These can be the Hall effect or AC sine waves. The temperature transmitter works by converting the temperature change through the resistance change when the temperature rises or falls, and obtains all temperature readings by using a temperature transmitter. Each transmitter style has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each method has its own limitations, and no one is better than the other in many ways. Ultimately it boils down to the functions and features that end-users expect.