Title: Advantages Of Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle Pair
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Blog Entry: What are airless pump bottles and what are the advantages of using them? The airless pump bottle is a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system that uses a mechanical pump in the bottle. When you press the pump, the disc in the bottle rises to push the product out of the pump. Once the bottle is filled, the material stored in the bottle will be preserved and maintain its integrity until it is used up. Airless packaging will help extend the shelf life of the final product. With a traditional Plastic Lotion Pump Bottle , when the content in the bottle becomes less, the tube in the bottle will no longer be able to pull the product into the pump, so the usual practice is to remove the pump and try to take out the remaining material using a spatula type tool. As the pump is repeatedly turned on and the contents are exposed to the air, some products will eventually be oxidized and lose their effectiveness. With an airless bottle, the material in the bottle will be able to be completely dispensed without opening the pump, so the integrity of the contents can be kept stable throughout the use process. Additional advantages of using airless cylinders- 1. Can use less or no chemical preservatives. 2. Make organic and natural purposes within reach and deliver to users. 3. The bottle does not need to stand upright to pump out the contents. In the case of out-of-town travel or artists, the content can be distributed immediately when it is taken out of storage, without waiting for the content to move and settle to the bottom. 4. The contents of the bottle will maintain a longer shelf life without contact with air. 5. Like the products you have, such as foundation and moisturizer, but the packaging does not come with a pump. The application can be easily distributed by simply transferring the product to an airless bottle. Regarding whether the bottle can be refilled It depends on the structure of the bottle. Some airless cylinders cannot be refilled. Once the contents are filled and sealed at the factory, the bottles are processed when they are emptied. Some are refillable. Once the bottle is empty, use a sterilizing wand-type tool to push the disc all the way to the bottom and refill it. As a reminder, only refill the bottle if you think you can properly sterilize the bottle and reuse it. How to know if the product is suitable for airless cylinders? Due to different factors such as composition, consistency, pH, etc., the only way to find the answer is to conduct an appropriate physical fitness test. A physical fitness test must be carried out before production to ensure the successful release of the product. About how to bottle? For larger productions, the filling process is usually done by a machine. If you fill manually, please make sure that there is no air in the bottle, as this will prevent the bottle from working properly. There should be no problem. The PET Shampoo Bottle is basically the same as the pressing bottle, so you can also learn some things about PET Shampoo Bottle .