Title: Custom Evaporator Coils Manufacturer Introduction Structure
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Blog Entry: The evaporator of the manufacturer of Custom Evaporator Coils is a vertical cylindrical closed structure, the upper space is the evaporation chamber, and the lower space is the heating chamber. The heating chamber is equipped with 3-5 groups of heating coils, arranged in layers, with 1-3 coils per coil. Each group of coils is equipped with individually operable heating steam inlets and condensed water outlets. There are two types of inlet and outlet arrangements. The foam trap is a centrifugal type and is installed on the outside of the upper part of the thickening plot. The central riser of the foam trap is connected to the vacuum system. The coil has an oblate cross-section, with small liquid flow resistance and large channels, which is suitable for liquids with higher viscosity. Because the heat pipe is short, the pipe wall temperature is uniform, the condensed water can be removed in time, and the utilization rate of the heat transfer surface is high. The heat transfer area is small, the liquid material convection circulation is poor, and it is easy to scale. It is convenient to independently control the on-off and pressure of the heating steam in the coils of each layer according to the liquid level of the material liquid to meet the needs of production or operation. When in use, no coils exposed to the liquid surface should be supplied with steam, and steam can only be supplied after the liquid is submerged. Due to the large size of the coil structure, the heating steam pressure should not be too high, generally 0.7-1.0 MPa. The evaporator manufactured by the manufacturer of Evaporator Coils For Sale is simple in structure, convenient to manufacture, stable in operation, and easy to control, which affects product quality to a certain extent.