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Read the bedding fabrics on the market
Posted On 09/21/2018 07:30:44 by beamattressfabric

Bedding has always been a hot market and a necessity for people's lives. Function mattress fabrics are also constantly innovating, striving to exceed consumer expectations.

... Read More

Have you ever eaten a sandwich, do you wear a sandwich fabric?
Posted On 09/21/2018 02:50:23 by beamattressfabric

To ask what is the hottest topic in today's clothing circle, it is the non-functional clothing. With the development of the times, the consumer awareness of clothing consumers has also changed a lot. They often want to have additional functions wh... Read More

How To Buy Paddy Husker Machine
Posted On 09/21/2018 01:46:07 by lianggong

1.Product cost performance

Buy Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) machine must consider the price, product sales processing is one of the important factors that should be considered, but not the cheaper the better, because any mechanical products need a certain production cost. As the saying goes, “a penny, a sub goods,” said the relationship between product quality and price.

2. Product specification

The main contents of the instructions shall include: Product Overview (p... Read More

Some basic questions about mattress care
Posted On 09/20/2018 08:00:04 by beamattressfabric

As time goes by, we tend to forget the mattress. Our body continues to use the mattress for seven or eight hours a day, which can absorb a lot of sweat and dead skin. Perhaps some of us will invest a lot of money on the mattress to ensure that we take care of the mattress so that they can give back to us health!

From the basic maintenance point of view, the mattress is turned over every few weeks to remove dust and dirt, and your... Read More

Rice Whitener Innovative Technology In Grain Machinery Market
Posted On 09/20/2018 02:04:41 by lianggong

At present, the domestic Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) market, strong growth in demand, there have been a number of professional manufacturers of rice whitener machine, but we still hope that the market can be standardized, rice whitener machine enterprises should also be formed between the corresponding norms. So as to make the rice whitener machine market stable and sustained and healthy development.

In order to improve the rice whitener machine industry, the overall level of develo... Read More

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