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NBA Live 20 is an entertaining and welcoming basketball gaming experience
Posted On 06/20/2019 01:42:20 by robertddelancey

NBA Live 20 is the underdog of basketball video games. Although its developer EA Tiburon is one of the bigger names in sports gaming, the Live franchise has been coming up a distant second compared to its competition. NBA Live 20 makes strides to correct that problem and it's easily a superior game to NBA Live 19. Gameplay has been refined and some exciting new features have been added, but better doesn't necessarily mean the best. NBA Live 20 still comes up short.

On the brighter side... Read More

The exact release date of NBA 2K20 has been leaked
Posted On 06/14/2019 00:34:58 by robertddelancey

NBA 2K19 provided gamers with an altogether underwhelming experience, forcing the developers into making significant changes in the upcoming release.No official word has been given regarding the exact release date of NBA 2K20, however, a recent leak suggests that it's set to hit stores on September 6.Previous editions of the game were also released in September on a Tuesday which adds credence to this rumour.BR Gaming were the first to report the leak, posting an image of what appears to be a... Read More

The arrival of a FIFA Street mode is desired by most players
Posted On 05/17/2019 07:38:44 by cheapbuymx

That the weather has a real impact on the matches. It is true that today playing in the rain, the snow or the sun does not change the way to make passes or shots. We would like it to change for FIFA 20, it would add difficulty and accentuate the simulation side of the game. The arrival of a FIFA Street mode is desired by most players. Some rumors already announce that this mode will be present on the next EA game. Everyone remembers the feast that was Fifa Street on PS2 and a similar game wou... Read More

آفریدی ٹی20 تک محدود!!!
Posted On 12/12/2012 23:33:12 by ANJUM

پاکستان کرکٹ ٹیم کے چیف سلیکٹر اقبال قاسم نے 25 دسمبر سے شروع ہونے والے دورہ بھارت کے لیے قومی ٹی ٹوینٹی اور ون ڈے ٹیم کا اعلان کردیا ہے، بوم بوم آفریدی ٹی ٹوینٹی اسکواڈ میں تو شامل لیکن ون ڈے... Read More

TechSmart 2011 Full Year Collection
Posted On 12/05/2011 07:35:21 by Chahaat

TechSmart 2011 Full Year Collection

TechSmart 2011 Full Year Collection
English | True PDF | 12 issues | 177.1 MB

Thousands consumers turn to TechSmart magazine when looking for information on notebooks, cellphones, the internet, gadgets and other te... Read More

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