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Are The Small Elevators For Homes Safe?
Posted On 04/22/2019 02:00:47 by otsedtalex

In order to ensure that the home elevator does not lose its safety function at any time, the national standard GB-7588 "Safety Code for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation" not only stipulates the certification procedure for the safety test of the type components by the approved organization, but also stipulates the small elevator for the household. The inspection content that must be carried out before delivery and after major modification;
In order to ensure that the safety com... Read More

Home Elevators For Meeting Essential Needs In Moving Process
Posted On 04/18/2019 01:28:55 by otsedtalex

Modern apartments, luxury homes, and villas require an elevator for making the moving process a smoother one. It contributes more to transport goods and people safely to avoid unwanted risks. The elevators are a suitable one for all types of residential buildings to move smoothly from One floor to another floor with high speeds.,, come with modern techniques which give ways for accessing a floor in buildings with ease.
 1.How to choose an elevator for a home?
Choosing an elev... Read More

How To Be Safe In China Passenger Elevator
Posted On 04/11/2019 02:24:45 by otsedtalex

Despite what you’ve seen in movies and on television, elevators are an exceedingly safe way to go up and down stairs, but they can be dangerous.
Elevators are useful tools for moving between floors quickly and easily, but certain behaviors can put you in harm’s way. Here’s how to be a safe passenger on an elevator.
Jumping Up and Down
Kids — and, let’s face it, some adults — are not orious for jumping up and down on elevators.
While this isn't going to cause the... Read More

Polishing Process Of China Mechanical Parts
Posted On 04/10/2019 03:06:19 by otsedtalex

China Mechanical Parts surface treatment generally pursues three objectives:
Change of the surface roughness
You have two options here. You either polish the surface to make it smoother, or you roughen it to improve adhesion.
2. Cleaning and degreasing of surfaces
This is to ensure that the surface is free from any foreign matter such as rust or scale, and, of course, for removing old coatings.
3. Densification of surfaces
This method aims at creating more uniform str... Read More

You Can Notice The Changing Factors Of China Mechanical Parts
Posted On 04/03/2019 02:33:45 by otsedtalex
So, what parts do you do when you’re looking to replace hard-to-find bearings and related parts for older machines? Finding obsolete or hard-to-find-bearings and related parts is more advanced than ever before with today's search algorithms. But finding certain bearings, for instance very large bearings such as tunnel-boring 15-foot-diameter giants, is still a challenge Custom work is often the only option. To give you an example, a local elevator repair company working on a 100-year-old eleva... Read More

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