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Join the Green Movement-Become a Kitchen Gardener
Posted On 04/18/2019 03:29:57 by gaozhangina

The vegetable garden is one of the biggest global trends at present. We hope to grow our own products. If you are considering creating a vegetable garden, here are some tips that are useful to you and can cultivate your fun.

Working in the garden inside is as interesting as enjoying the fruits of the garden. Here is a simple way to ensure that vegetables are organic and pesticide-free. At the same time, you can save money, reduce food processing procedures and make your garden mo... Read More

Introduction to Garden Hose
Posted On 04/16/2019 03:47:38 by gaozhangina

Yuyao Gaozhan garden tools Co, Ltd., a foreign-oriented enterprise, was founded in 2009, specializing in producing garden tools and garden hoses. The main products of our company are series of expandable hose, flexible hose, metal hose, water spray gun, sprinkler, garden hose, recoil hose, car wash hose, hose connector and so on.

Gaozhan garden Hose is highly recognized for its quality. The following small series will explain to you what are the advantages of basic pipe material... Read More

The industry belongs to export-oriented industry Garden Tools
Posted On 04/13/2019 01:24:47 by gaozhangina

The industry is an export-oriented industry, garden tools, and most of its products are for export. The main consumers come from household gardening and public greening construction. Among them, Europe and the United States are the world's largest consumers of garden Tools products. However, although the foreign market in garden Tools is much more mature than the domestic market, it is not easy to achieve substantial sales abroad.

"Europe and the United States have large market de... Read More

It is Usually More Cost-Effective to Purchase High-Quality Garden Hoses
Posted On 04/11/2019 02:46:29 by gaozhangina

With so many options to choose from and little visible difference between garden hoses, it’s tempting to simply choose the cheapest one. But small differences can have a big impact on how long the hose lasts and how easy it is to use.

A high quality garden hose should last 5 to 10 years. But many homeowners who buy lower quality hoses end up replacing theirs each year due to leaks, cracks or rot. Although some problems can be repaired, it’s generally more cost-effective to b... Read More

Gardening Tools Help You Create A Perfect Lawn
Posted On 04/09/2019 05:50:28 by gaozhangina

Beautiful lawns are one of the most desirable features of gardens all over the world. Here are five practical tips to help you build a perfect lawn.

1. Pruning

Regular mowing of lawns is essential because it can make the grass grow thickly. About pruning skills: a small amount of pruning and frequent pruning are better than a large amount of pruning. Switch the direction and mode each time you cut grass, so that the straw will not be pressed in the same direction. In midsu... Read More

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