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Led Street Lamp Factory's Different Function Street Lamp Design
Posted On 07/14/2020 08:35:46 by xiangruiledlight

The Led Street light Factory produces different types of street lamps, which are listed as follows:
Lightweight and energy-saving LED street light
Our LED street light solution reduces the considerable power consumption while maintaining brightness by using advanced precision optical lens system, which means that the LED chip in the street light is adjusted by our professional engineers to adapt to different situations, such as LED The height of the lamppost, the width of the high... Read More

Saving Resources Has Become an Important Issue for The Solar Outdoor...
Posted On 07/13/2020 11:18:28 by Jialongye

Solar outdoor lights bring great convenience to human life, so the solar outdoor light manufacturer is deeply loved by people.

1. In order to better build the city, the street lights in the city are generally changed to solar street lights. The price of solar outdoor light manufacturer is reasonable. The traditional street lights used before have complicated installation procedures, need to lay circuits and so on, and consume relatively high power. Moreover, they need to use light... Read More

Good 100w Outdoor Ultra-thin Led Floodlight Performance
Posted On 07/07/2020 08:22:11 by xiangruiledlight

Use 100w outdoor slim led floodlight series can illuminate large outdoor spaces. The lamp has an adjustable mounting bracket that allows you to accurately focus the light output.

These LED floodlights have passed quality tests, are durable, can withstand a variety of harsh environments, and are much better than traditional halogen lamps. First choice for a wide range of applications, including billboard and subdivision sign lighting, building facades, parking lots, landscaping and... Read More

String Light Manufacturer Can Be Used For Decoration to Achieve...
Posted On 07/06/2020 08:27:28 by Jialongye

The string light manufacturer adopts a high-brightness chip design. As the main luminous light source, it can be directly added to some copper wire products to replace the traditional lights. As a new type of light product, it can play a greater role in decoration. According to the needs of consumers, it can change its shape at will to achieve a more comprehensive eye-catching effect. The product also has a good energy-saving and environmental protection effect. It has done very well i... Read More

application Of Led Floodlight Factory In Factory Lighting
Posted On 07/03/2020 06:44:08 by xiangruiledlight

In the aspect of factory lighting, Led Street light Factory not only needs to meet the lighting needs of different industries, but also can guarantee the long life and durability of the lamps, and at the same time can save energy. The most important thing is to ensure the efficiency of employees. Appropriate lighting effects not only help motivate employees, but also prevent employee fatigue, maintain employee health, and prevent work-related accidents. It is necessary to comprehensivel... Read More

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