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How To Install Lcd Digital Speedometer
Posted On 02/26/2021 08:08:02 by ycyb321

The electronic analog speedometer uses the pointer and the instrument panel to display the speed of the car, while the number uses the number displayed on the screen. The lcd digital speedometer is always electronic, while the analog is electronic or mechanical. The number refers to the display screen, not the e-reading function. We only use analog styles because we strive to provide the most amazing and easy-to-read designs in classic styles. Things that... Read More

The Utilization Rate Of Led Motorcycle Speedometer Is Getting Higher
Posted On 01/29/2021 06:48:39 by ycyb321

With the increasing popularity of family motorcycles, the utilization rate of Led motorcycle speedometer is getting higher and higher, and more and more factories will choose motorcycle speedometers. For now, motorcycle speedometers can be divided into three categories: body-type motorcycle speedometers, split-type motorcycle speedometers, and plug-in motorcycle speedometers.

Body-shaped motorcycle speedometer: the converter is directly connected to the s... Read More

About The Working Principle Of LCD Speedometer
Posted On 01/22/2021 11:28:51 by ycyb321

Segment LCD, or segment LCD, is one of the LCD products, but in the LCD industry, it is generally called pattern LCD, pen segment LCD, monochrome LCD, etc. It is used to distinguish it from the dot matrix LCD screen, so the segment LCD is not a strict expression or classification.

The segment code liquid crystal name originated from the early application of LCD screens, mainly to replace LED digital tubes (composed of 7 pen segments, use... Read More

How Lcd Digital Speedometer Works
Posted On 01/08/2021 06:58:35 by ycyb321

LCD digital speedometer reads pulses (signals) from the signal source. This is driven by the processor, which drives the pointer (not the pointer) and the odometer to perform the correct operation. The lcd digital speedometer is permanently programmed to read a specific number of pulses per mile (or kilometer) and read a specific speed; or it may have an external switch or DIP switch that can be changed to change the speed reading on... Read More

Transmitter Selection Of Electric Vehicle Speedomet er
Posted On 12/25/2020 11:42:59 by ycyb321

Why doesn't electric vehicle speedomet er only use mechanical cable style? Calibration is the answer. To calibrate the cable-type speedometer, the gear transmission in the gearbox must be replaced. Although not difficult, it does require time and trial and error.

Integrated: The transmission or pickup area is bolted to a gear usually called a reluctance ring or gear. This type is installed at the factory, if a replacement is required, factory parts are required. These can be t... Read More


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