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What kind of distance is the best distance for sprayer to work
Posted On 07/03/2020 06:51:03 by luxitools

First, you should choose the right nozzle. There is a hole in the front of the airless paint sprayer. Most paint sprayers have interchangeable spray heads. They have a simple numbering system. Before spraying, you need to choose a spray head with a suitable spray width and opening size.

It should be noted that the nozzle may wear out after use. The severity of the abrasion depends on the grit of the paint, the quality of the materials used, the pressure used, or the... Read More

Benefits of using various spraying machines
Posted On 06/30/2020 06:52:52 by luxitools

At present, the sprayers on the market are divided into three types, including piston pump sprayers, HVLP sprayers and airless paint sprayer.

The first is a piston pump sprayer, which uses high pressure and sprays paint through the tip. This sprayer can quickly deposit large amounts of paint, and can be used with thick latex paints and primers.

The second type is the HVLP paint spraying machine, which is a high-capacity and low-pressure paint spraying... Read More

The use principle of automatic paint spraying machine
Posted On 06/28/2020 06:37:29 by luxitools

The use principle of the automaticcordless paint sprayer is an automatic painting equipment that replaces the paint spray gun in the hand to disperse the paint into a mist and spray it on the wall surface. The application range of the paint spraying machine is relatively wide, mainly having the following advantages.

First, it saves paint. Generally, the thickness of the paint is not uniform enough. The automatic paint sprayer can easily overcome corners, voids a... Read More

The role of spray gun coating
Posted On 06/24/2020 07:22:48 by luxitools

We can use China spray gun for DIY. Painting cars and house walls is not easy, and requires a series of products, such as varnishes, primers and sprayers. This process is very complicated and involves a lot of skills, which explains why professional car painting work is so expensive, and it seems that DIY is more affordable.

First clean the spray gun, because the coating of the spray gun can protect it from corrosion and extend the shelf life. Before putting the... Read More


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