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Marvel Future Fight is a well polished beat-em up game
Posted On 07/13/2019 01:59:04 by Jonathan

Marvel Future Fight allows players to select existing Marvel superheroes to create a team, which can be used in multiple missions and formats. The player competes against the computer and/or other players online in order to progress through missions and levels. Each mission begins with a main superhero and two other team members that can be tagged in one at a time. Levels are completed by defeating all enemies and a big boss superhero at the end, which unlocks that character for you to use in further fights. Players are also rewarded with a 3 star rating system, experience points, crystals and gold coins at the end of levels.

The game uses an energy bar that is depleted as you go on missions, but you can buy (in game) more energy as well as getting rewarded energy by completing daily tasks. The in-game store allows you to purchase a range of goodies, from rank up materials to gold (currency) to biometrics. There is a grinding aspect to the game, but that’s to be expected nowadays, however the developers have made great strides to streamline the RPG aspect and have actually listened to player’s complaints when making updates. And if you don't have enough time to play Marvel: Future Fight nd earn Crystals, provides Cheap MFF Crystals for you.

The characters, now numbering more than 130, are a veritable who’s who in the Marvel Universe (including heroes and villains). One unfortunate victim of the current Fox/Marvel war is that the X-Men and Fantastic Four have been off limits to license for game developers. That frost has thawed a bit as the most recent update sees the X-Men brought into the game. For a long time X-fan this is welcomed news indeed. And, to be honest, a mobile game shelf life isn’t that long and adding X related characters should extend the game for quite a while. The freeze on X-characters did see a welcome inclusion of characters that have never had a chance in a game. Characters like Misty Knight, Moon Girl, Ulik, Crossbones and Warwolf to name a few.

Some of the daily tasks quickly become a grind. The added feature of being able to put fully cleared missions on an auto run cycle does help but still turns repeating the same missions over and over again into a chore. While the game tries to mix thing up with Battleworld arena matches, Alliance Battles and the recent switch to real time PVP battles, even more variety in mission types would be appreciated in future updates.

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