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Literacy Improvement Co-ordinator Required; Must be Able to Read
Posted On 11/04/2011 00:45:05 by Chahaat

Dear Mr. King,

Please accept this letter in application for the position of "Literacy Improvement Co-Ordinator" at the Needs Improvement Elementary School. I meet the requirements necessary for the position: Ontario College of Teachers Certificate of Qualification and The Reading Specialist Certificate. If selected, I would bring a vision for creating a school where all children read and write.

Improvement requires a special kind of leadership. It is leadership that makes everyone want a part in effecting change. One of the main characteristics of an effective leader is that they have vision. I think that my vision has the potential to motivate, to initiate, and to validate improvements in the way literacy is delivered at Needs Improvement Elementary School. All staff need to share in the leadership to improve literacy. Collaboration is key. There must be an environment that supports staff in their individual and group improvement efforts. This is the kind of leadership that I can provide.

Teachers need support to deliver effective literacy programs that cause all students to read and write. I have a broad knowledge of the materials necessary for the implementation of a comprehensive and balanced literacy program at all grade levels. In addition, I have experience in creating an environment, free of distraction, full of instruction, where all children read and write. Furthermore, I have a solid theoretical and practical knowledge of the strategies necessary to improve scores on the Provincial Assessments. I have read many resources regarding this assessment, participated in Provincial Assessment results improvement efforts, and implemented improvement plans in split classrooms.

As Richard L. Allington and Patricia M. Cunningham put it in their book, Schools That Work: Where All Children Read and Write, "Good schools are collections of good teachers." I have demonstrated through my own experience just how profound this statement is. By spending over 400 hours learning about literacy through additional qualification courses, workshops, and other training, I was able to significantly improve classrooms in which I taught. This naturally led other teachers to be curious about my strategies, inspired them to change their teaching practices, and in some cases, led them to pursue professional development opportunities. This resulted in an improved school. Staff development needs to be encouraged, promoted, supported, and accessible.

The final aspect of literacy improvement involves the school improvement planning process. As the Literacy Improvement Co-Ordinator, I would welcome the opportunity to provide my expertise in the planning and implementation processes. I feel it is important to communicate improvement plans to the school community, celebrate successes on a regular basis, and continually revisit, assess and revise the improvement plan. I have a great familiarity with the School Improvement Planning process and have been involved in several successful school improvement planning efforts.

I think that I would make an excellent addition to your staff in the position of Literacy Improvement Co-Ordinator. I think I bring the necessary vision, experience, and qualifications to improve the Needs Improvement Elementary School. I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my application at a mutually convenient time.


I.M. Needed



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