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Who said that good things have no good price? Hurricane 199 smart watc
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Mar 27 2019, 10:30 am - by bestwatches

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智能可穿戴设备的快速发展,国内厂商非常强大,在昂贵 的Apple Watch潮流时代,创造了一套100级智能可穿戴设备,无论价 和性能都不逊于数千美元产品,就是这样,国内品牌的 能可穿戴设备不断收获更多用户。

智能手表和智能手环由于外观不同而形成两个阵容。智能手环功能丰富,但传统手表更加醒目,外观多样。面对追求前卫,时尚和个性的年轻人,具有传统手表和智 能可穿戴设备外观的智能手表更适合他们。个性。市场上的智能手表早已令人眼花缭乱,但最近飓风199在朋 友圈中,作为一款具有价值和内涵的智能手表,它以199的 价格征服了消费者。


After the reorganization of innovative technology, Hurricane 199 made a comeback. In addition to the appearance of the previous generation design style, the core has been fully upgraded to meet the needs of consumers with superior performance.

Simple packaging

Hurricane 199 seems to have several packaging designs, this hand is designed with black rectangular box, the whole box has only one English word, meaning: smart watch. Concise and a bit mysterious.

Throwing out the box hurricane 199 will jump into the eye, in addition to a guide to the accessories, there are two front button batteries, because the hurricane 199 does not use the charging design, so there is no such thing as a charger. The two batteries have not been encountered, this detail is well-intentioned, users can know the type of battery without having to open the watch when they encounter insufficient power.

Avant-garde appearance

The value of fashion things can't be lost. Hurricane 199 has the appearance to maintain the classic form of traditional watches, and incorporates stylish smart elements in the design of the dial.

The Hurricane 199 case is made of medical grade 316L stainless steel. It has excellent craftsmanship, smooth handfeel and tight joints. The blue dial is clearly legible and has a built-in movement brand label: ‘Smart Core’, provided by Shenzhen Zhixin Data Service Co., Ltd. The inner circular scale is left one-third empty. The blanks are marked with three icons of telephone, information and alarm clock. The design style is fashionable and has an avant-garde feeling.

In order to achieve consistency with the dial, the strap is also blue, using cortical material, because the strap is thicker, the handle feels harder, the detailing process is very good, the thread is handled very well, the fit is tight and clean, there is no glue trace, the whole Have a good aesthetic.

The pointer of Hurricane 199 is designed with batch flower luminous needle, which is convenient for night viewing time. The mirror surface is sapphire glass, which reaches Mohs hardness of 9 grades. The small friction that cannot be avoided daily will not damage the dial.

Hurricane 199 has a variety of colors to choose from, and the blue is more vibrant, so I chose a blue one.

Features & Experience

The case of Hurricane 199 is made of medical grade stainless steel. It feels good when worn, but the strap is slightly thicker and the wrist is not very comfortable to wear.

Smart APP management

The Hurricane 199 does not have much fancy features as a light smart watch, but it is used frequently. All the function data of Hurricane 199 are managed by smart APP. After downloading the APP and connecting the watch, you can enjoy Hurricane 199 intelligent management of your healthy life.

The first thing to do after the mobile phone APP connects to the hurricane 199 is the school time. Hurricane 199's intelligent timing allows for accurate calibration of time in different time zones. All data timelines will correspond exactly after the calibration time.

Smart reminder

Smart reminder is a function that the author pays more attention to. Because of work reasons, it is often used to communicate on social platforms. Because the working environment is quiet, the phone prompts are turned off, then the smart tips of the watch give the author a lot of help.

Hurricane 199 can support commonly used social platforms QQ, WeChat, Weibo, Tencent TlM, SMS and other message push reminders, reminder mode is vibration prompts, in addition, you can also reject calls through Hurricane 199, you do not need to pull out the phone when you are inconvenience I refused to listen.

Hurricane 199 reminds the message or does it very carefully. The icon of the dial is not displayed. When the message is pushed, the second hand will stay at the corresponding position. If the stop is stopped for about three seconds, the time indication will be restored. But will the design consume a lot of power?

For more details, you are welcome to visit the

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