Title: Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Share Knowledge Of Maintenance Taps
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Blog Entry: Kitchen faucets are closely related to our lives and are inseparable. The small faucet has a university question. How should we maintain the kitchen faucet in daily life? Here is the kitchen faucets manufacturers to talk about the maintenance skills of the kitchen faucet. For drinking water faucets, regardless of the quality problems such as water leakage, there will be different degrees of rust after long-term use, resulting in increased lead precipitation and affecting the health of the family. It is recommended to change it once every 5 years. When installing, please install it in the professional. When installing the faucet, it is best to have the experienced professional to install it. Also pay attention to the installation, try not to let the faucet collide with the hard object, and do not leave residue such as glue on the surface. Thereby destroying the gloss of the surface. Avoid water self-evaporating on the surface of the faucet. Wipe the surface of the faucet thoroughly after use. Do not leave water on the metal surface. Otherwise, the water will leave traces on the metal surface after evaporation. After a long time, it will affect the appearance. Serious will rust. Wash with a mild detergent. If it cannot be cleaned, use a milder cleaning tool. Do not use abrasive abrasives or cleaning tools to prevent damage to the surface of the faucet.