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Jimei Juice Processing Plant Gives You Peace Of Mind
Posted On 10/18/2018 08:47:39 by chirtyjimei

We are now drinking juice in a few steps, although a bucket or a bottle of moderate juice may be great during the production process!
The main features of the juice production line are as follows:
1. The Juice Production Line adopts imported reverse osmosis membrane, which not only has high desalination efficiency, long service life and low operating cost.
2. The juice production line also has online water quality monitoring function to monitor water quality changes in... Read More

Paddy Seperators Are Refferred as Heart
Posted On 10/18/2018 02:03:21 by lianggong

Paddy Separator(LIANGGONG) are also refferred as heart of the rice mill, the function of paddy seperator is to separate the unhusked rice and let the pure rice go to the polishing section and paddy back to dehuskers, same way our heart takes oxygenated blood from lungs and pumps to the body and sucks the blood from body and pumps to lungs for oxygen.

If the broken in polishing section is more due to fault in milling section it can be compensated by grading and physical speration... Read More

Rongli Cloth Tells You the Details about Knitted Mattress Fabric
Posted On 10/18/2018 01:59:25 by beamattressfabric

What is knitted mattress fabric? What are the characteristics of knitted mattress fabric? A weaving principle in which a loop is formed by a loop of a plurality of coils in a longitudinal or lateral direction, and each coil is woven by a loop of a knitting needle. The fabric woven in this manner is called a knitted mattress fabric for making garments or For the production of other home textiles and other products, the fabric used is knitted mattress fabric. knitted mattress fabrics are... Read More

MNMP Series Iron Roller Jetting Rice Whitener
Posted On 10/17/2018 02:35:50 by lianggong

MNMP Series Iron Roller Jetting Rice Whitener(LIANGGONG) is mainly used for rice polishing or water rice milling that can be applicable in the processing of rice of different type and precision. The rice polishing machine has features superiorities of bright and clean surface, low broken rice, low bran contents and high milled rice rate etc.


1. Axial discharge, stable the pressure of whitening chamber and less broken rice.

2. With the technology of strong... Read More

Excellent Separation Efficiency Rice Destoner Machine
Posted On 10/17/2018 00:56:46 by lianggong

Rice Destoner(LIANGGONG) is employed for the efficient removal of stones, glass and other high-density matter from the grain stream. The throughput capacities vary according to product and degree of contamination. For common wheat, throughput is up to 22 t/h; for durum wheat, up to 14.5 t/h; for corn (maize), up to 16.5 t/h. The destoner is used in mills processing common wheat, durum wheat, corn (maize), rye, rice and soybeans, as well as in specialty mills for oats, buckwheat, barley... Read More

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