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symptoms staying Hydrated
Posted On 11/03/2011 01:21:05 by Chahaat

Dehydration symptoms from not taking in enough fluids can be dangerous. Here are some tips on how not to get dehydrated in the heat or from fitness activities.  The first thing you need to do is take in the proper fluids. The fluids need to be absorbed into the body. You need to drink... Read More

Exercise for a Healthy Heart
Posted On 11/03/2011 01:17:59 by Chahaat

o you exercise every day? If you want to live a long, healthy life, maybe you should.

A recent study by Timothy Wessel, a physician at the University of Florida, indicates one of the strongest risk factors for developing heart disease is inactivity – even more so than being overweight. During the four-year study of 906 women, Dr. Wessel documented those who were moderately active were less likely to develop heart disease than sedentary women, no matter how much they weighed. The stud... Read More

Free iPod Games and the Apple iPod
Posted On 11/03/2011 01:15:50 by Chahaat

pple iPods were promised to be the greatest breakthrough in the music industry. Somehow, it did not disappoint the fans and more; it has added various capabilities to the iPod that made it famous to people worldwide.

Aside from playing various kinds of music files (which includes MP3, WAV, AAC, MP3 VBR, AIFF), the Apple iPod can play and record video, can store data files, and can download various free iPod games from the Internet. 

Free iPod games are available in the Inte... Read More

World Food Day: Pakistan Hunger Rising
Posted On 11/01/2011 12:06:42 by Leo-king

World hunger data collected from 2006 to 2009 shows that Pakistan's hunger index score has worsened this year to 20.7 (based on 2009 data and reported in 2011) after three priorconsecutive years of improvement. International Food Research Institute's GHI (Global Hunger Index) score for Pakistan improved from 21.7 in 2008 to 21.0 in 2009 to 19.1 in 2010, and its world ranking has dropped to 59 in 2011 from 52 in 2010. It was ranked 61 in 2008 and 58 in 2009 on a list of 81+ nations.... Read More

Human Nature
Posted On 11/01/2011 01:24:21 by nasir

The Nature of Human is of the complicted stuff to be understand, The Human nature is never stablize They always think something ahead they have, they always Unhappy with what they have, if they lost they will be sad behind what they had, but they will be tease what they have, There are two man Natures of human which are enlighten in two different GENDER (MALE & FEMALE), A Man is always think about their struggle to comfort their homa mate while a female will always serve her self to do ho... Read More

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