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The Five W's of Popular Blogging
Posted On 11/11/2011 15:16:00 by WinSome_Boy

So you've decided that you have opinions and information that you simply must get out to the rest of the world. You simply know that what you have to offer is original enough that there will be people clamoring for your wit and wisdom, but you're simply not sure how to get started, and once you get started; you're not sure how to get people to start reading.

There's an old adage in journalism that when you set out to write a story, you need to cover the five W's: Who, What, When... Read More

3 Things to Do if You Want to Make Money Online
Posted On 11/11/2011 15:13:04 by WinSome_Boy

There was a time when the whole world rushed to join this bandwagon; rumors abounded of people making money easily and without any kind of extra effort on the Internet. It got so out of hand that many people burned their bridges by quitting their regular jobs and opting to tap the mother lode that they assumed was ripe for the taking on the Internet. But unfortunately, more people burned holes in their pockets than become overnight millionaires, and the lure of easy money did not appea... Read More

How to Find Focus for Your Online Business
Posted On 11/11/2011 15:10:41 by WinSome_Boy

It requires time and effort to create an online income. You cannot expect to get anywhere if you just bounce from one idea to another. The only way to really accomplish success with an online business is to understand that it will require focus. If you are having trouble concentrating on one idea at a time you can consider these concepts:

It’s important to choose a business that you enjoy

There are many people that will tell you that online businesses don’t succeed. Bu... Read More

How to Increase Direct Ad Revenue for Your Blog
Posted On 11/11/2011 15:09:27 by WinSome_Boy

If you have been blogging for a while, you know that selling ad space directly to the advertisers on your blog can become one of the lucrative sources of revenue for you. When you have started selling ad space on your blog, you always want to sell off all the available ad space or ad spots on your blog to make the most out of direct ad selling. In this article, I'll be sharing with you the techniques that I have used to maximize my blog direct ad revenue. These have been good ways for m... Read More

5 Practical Tips for Generating Targeted Traffic to Your New Blog
Posted On 11/11/2011 15:07:16 by WinSome_Boy

You have been inspired by the successful bloggers who have made a nice living from blogging. You began to like the idea of blogging for cash and started to sign up for courses, blog RSS feeds and newsletters to learn about blogging. You followed the steps and finally got your first new blog launched on the Internet. You published a post daily. But after week, you found that only a few visitors have read your posts. You started to think about how to drive targeted traffic to your new bl... Read More

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