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Sheet Metal Parts Operation Example
Posted On 04/12/2019 03:25:10 by otsedtalex
Making a multibody sheet metal part is easy and useful. Some reasons you would make this type of part is if you are working with different gauges and different materials of sheet metal within the same part. Also, if the bodies are within the same part, If you change a dimension or relation of one part, everything will change accordingly. This insures that your parts fit together when you are done with your design. Here’s an example of what a multibody sheet metal part looks like. This is a rou... Read More

How To Create Sheet Metal Parts
Posted On 04/12/2019 03:01:21 by otsedtalex

As soon as you create a sheet metal model feature in your Part Studio, a tab appears on the right hand side of the graphics area. Click the tab and the flat view and bend table are shown even before you have finished creating your first feature. This allows you to check for collisions as you decide which edges to bend and is already saving you time and reducing potential errors.
You can keep the flat view and bend table open as you design. Add flanges, partial flanges, or cuts across... Read More

Fiber Closure Has Two Access Ports
Posted On 04/12/2019 02:33:11 by greentelftthgane

Fiber Closure Has Two Access Ports

Among the well-known Fiber Closure manufacturers, Green Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. can provide you with a custom fiber optic connector clsoure. For external plant joint closures, there are two main types: horizontal joint closure and vertical joint closure.

1) Horizontal fiber optic connector box
Horizontal fiber splice closures are similar to flat or cylindrical housings. It typically contains one or more fiber splice trays that provi... Read More

It is Usually More Cost-Effective to Purchase High-Quality Garden Hoses
Posted On 04/11/2019 02:46:29 by gaozhangina

With so many options to choose from and little visible difference between garden hoses, it’s tempting to simply choose the cheapest one. But small differences can have a big impact on how long the hose lasts and how easy it is to use.

A high quality garden hose should last 5 to 10 years. But many homeowners who buy lower quality hoses end up replacing theirs each year due to leaks, cracks or rot. Although some problems can be repaired, it’s generally more cost-effective to b... Read More

How To Be Safe In China Passenger Elevator
Posted On 04/11/2019 02:24:45 by otsedtalex

Despite what you’ve seen in movies and on television, elevators are an exceedingly safe way to go up and down stairs, but they can be dangerous.
Elevators are useful tools for moving between floors quickly and easily, but certain behaviors can put you in harm’s way. Here’s how to be a safe passenger on an elevator.
Jumping Up and Down
Kids — and, let’s face it, some adults — are not orious for jumping up and down on elevators.
While this isn't going to cause the... Read More

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