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Hot Melt Adhesives Are More Prone To Fei Biao Phenomenon
Posted On 04/28/2020 08:08:32 by Getececil

The self-adhesive sticker is especially prone to die-cutting and flying in winter. The so-called die-cutting Fei Biao means that the label will be lifted along with the waste edge during die-cutting. If there is a slight Fei Biao phenomenon, it will cause certain material waste to label printing enterprises. If Fei Biao is more serious, it simply cannot produce normally. There may be many reliable solutions, but how can they be both simple and effective? Let's first look at the causes... Read More

We Suggest You To Make Gunpoeder 3505 With These Tips
Posted On 04/27/2020 11:36:32 by baodahenry

Use These Tips To Make GUNPOWDER 3505By now, it’s common knowledge that GUNPOWDER 3505 is one of the healthiest drinks available. Green tea goes through minimal processing before it hits your cup, so it retains all of its cancer fighting and health boosting properties.

Scientific studies have shown that green tea can improve health in a long list of ways, including:

Improve blood flow and circulation
Lower cholesterol
Drop high blood pressure
Prevent heart disease... Read More

The Future Is The Era Of Landscape Light Manufacturer
Posted On 04/27/2020 08:05:50 by Jialongye

Landscape lighting always reminds people of the colorful city and the clouds above the bright lights. LED, the fourth revolution in the history of human lighting LED is a luminous semiconductor element and is recognized as one of the most promising high-tech products in the 21st century. While triggering the lighting revolution, landscape light manufacturer has also made significant contributions to promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection. With the... Read More

Choose A Suitable Storage Method For Plastic Labels According To The...
Posted On 04/21/2020 06:49:59 by Getececil

What is the effect of humid weather on plastic labels? The preservation of plastic labels becomes more difficult in rainy days, especially when it rains continuously. Today, let's talk about how to preserve plastic labels in the rainy season.

When the processing and use conditions are special or limited and cannot fully meet the use requirements and cause problems, the following measures can be adopted:

First, the materials that have not been unpacked are present in the en... Read More

What Categories Can Landscape Light Manufacturer Has
Posted On 04/20/2020 11:16:25 by Jialongye

With the progress of science and technology, people are continuously pursuing high-quality lifestyles, and the types of landscape light manufacturer are also increasing.

1. Courtyard lights

Courtyard lights are widely used in modern daily life. Courtyard lights are mainly used for outdoor lighting in public places such as slow lanes, residential quarters, narrow lanes, tourist attractions, parks, squares, etc. Courtyard lights extend people's outdoor exercise time to a grea... Read More

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