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Kazakhstan charge costs may go up before EXPO-2017
Posted On 06/20/2013 10:59:48 by rehan234

many of the people from other countries are prepared to pay $300-400 for broker organizations to get visas for them, while the common visa cost on the globe is $50-100, Astana Travel and leisure Organization said. Kazakhstan vacationer organizations believe that the costs may go up even more.The official price of   Kazakhstan visa  stands at around 7 thousand tenge ($47) including all charges and responsibilities, Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry’s Consular Service Department sa... Read More

The British Embassy is Increasing business with Kazakhstan government
Posted On 06/12/2013 13:21:20 by rehan234

The British Embassy is working closely with the Kazakhstani government and the company industry to improve industry access, the company environment and market share for UK companies.The English Embassy is assisting conversations between significant UK business ministers and management, and essential choice creators and viewpoint formers in Kazakhstan.UKTI helps English companies of all dimensions to develop their business through worldwide business by providing professional consultancy... Read More

Saudi Arabic may implement quit procedure of all retirees who want to...
Posted On 06/08/2013 12:33:50 by rehan234

Indian Consul General Faiz Ahmed Kidwa declared Saudi Passport authorities will begin quit process of all expatriates who want to leave the country.Dealing with a group conference at the indian consulate last night, he said travel records from the consulate will be approved by Passport authorities for rubber stamping of quit process for all individuals who do not have unique passports or   Saudi Visa  and want to leave the country.Kidwai highlighted that fingerprint... Read More

Nigeria and South Africa have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
Posted On 06/06/2013 11:06:02 by rehan234

Nigeria and Southern African-american have finalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to make it needless for people of both nations having formal or diplomatic passports to obtain south africa and  Nigerian visa before traveling to either nation.The Memorandum of Understanding was finalized on Wednesday between Chief executive Goodluck Jonathan and his host, Chief executive jacob Zuma, during a shut entrance bilateral period between the two management in the South Africa presid... Read More

Kazakhstan Visa Types
Posted On 06/05/2013 20:36:42 by rehan234

The Kazakhstan visa authorities may issue a Tourist, Business, Diplomatic, Official or several other types of Kazkhstan visas based on your objective of trip to Kazakhstan and your passport type.If a foreigner plans to enter into, exit from or transit through Kazakhstan area, he/she shall implement for a Kazakhstan visa to the above-mentioned Kazakhstan visa authorities.Following are the types of Kazakhstan Visa.Kazakhstan Study visa issued with authorization of the immigration police u... Read More

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