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Created: Mar 17, 2012
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BE A PART OF 2012 20-20 CuP & ChEeR Our Team PAK

This is a GrouP for the Crick3T 2012 ICC World Twenty20 World Cup to be held in 2012. All the cricket lovers are invited to join it.All other forms of Cricket can also be discussed. The 2012 ICC World Twenty20 will be hosted by Sri Lanka. Here are the groups..... • Group A : England, India,Qualifier 2. Group B : Australia, West Indies, Qualfiier 1• Group C : South Africa, Srilanka and the Zimbabwe. And The Group D Includes : PAKISTAN, New Zealand and Bangladesh.. HeY GuYs n GalS The tournament begins on Septemmber 18 2012 N Will EnD In 7 October 2012..... So all those who are crazy for World Twenty20 can join this Group and participate activley in all the community topics........ JOiN THiS Group AND BE A PART OF 2012 WORLD CUP AnD ChEeR UP OUR MEN IN GrEeN (TEAM PaKiStAn).JOIN NOW FOR GETTING LATEST UPDATES.. ThNxX.................